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Справочник электрика pro

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Appendix reference electrician - is an application which will help people whose profession is connected with electricity, electricians for beginners and for ordinary people who are interested in the knowledge of electricity and electrical safety.The application includes:1. calculator which will help calculate the current, the load, the section of copper and aluminum conductors cables with diameters of copper and aluminum conductors cables as well as it's possible to calculate both in single phase and three phase. All values ​​are given nominal rather than the maximum.2. DL tests in this section will be tests on electrical tolerance for different groups.3. Schemes and this section will be published various circuits connecting various devices, electrical equipment and so on.4. Tips, here will be collected tips from electricians practice.5. Cable, here you will find information on common cables.
Tests are available on group 2 11 admittance ticket 3 group admission tickets 30, a group of 4 to 19, admission tickets, tickets for admission May 20 group.
In the future, the full support of the application, adding new entries in all sections, create new partitions, create dynamic connection schemes, and so on. D.
All questions, suggestions and vozrozheniya can discuss the link below in my blog.For personal questions write email just the link below.
I hope my application will help you a pleasant use.Sincerely, Alexander Kuskov.